Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's me again.

The realization I've come to is that:
1. HATE being alone
2. my overly crazed nature to have to do something all the time.

I like being busy, it gives me a sense of well being, a sense of worth.  Sitting here as a homebody I feel like a gray-usless, and boring lump.  I'm not bashing on people who like spending more time alone, or in the comfort of their home; I'm just pointing out some of my own character traits I guess I did not recognize before.

Yes, I put a lot, if not the whole weight of my self-worth based on the things I do rather than the person I am...and maybe this is a problem.  I mean, being a busy-bee and doing things makes me happy; it's the kind of person I am.  We--as society--do it all the time.  When we introduce each other the first thing we do is first, say our name obviously, and then what we do: "Hi I'm George, I'm a lawyer" or soccer player, or math tutor.  Almost immediately we innately judge and categorize a person into sects and personal schemes based on those facts.  I mean people make blogs to blog about what they do right? And theres no problem in that; its how we relate and connect with other people.

But what if we were just little gray lumps who did nothing? If we did not do anything at all, but were just personalities.  Would our relationships be different? How would there be a balance between people? What about values would we hold? Since we wouldn't be able to base people of their jobs or hobbies, just themselves.

Re-reading that make me think maybe i took too many congestive pills..and its all getting to my brain
Anyways hope you enjoyed this mindless ramble you one person out there.hahhaa

I'm not crazy<3 okay

Much love -Maddi