Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Third post today...oops...but TFIOS


I really did not want to be one of the million other girls that fawn over this story every single day--not because i hate the story--I actually have never read the book--but because its all over social media. all. the. time.

I wanted to hate the movie, to not feel anything...but I came out in tears. John Green is truly a talent.  Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, along with all the other actors really made you believe, and feel for the characters. While I don't want to spoil anything, although you can probably twiddle on twitter and find everything about it within a couple of posts.

anddd it got me thinking...

what makes a movie good? Is it the effects, the actors, the screen play
While I believe it is a combination of a number of things including the ones listed, I think what really makes a movie good and massively popular is how it makes you feeeel.

I didn't want to connect to Hansel Grace or Augustus Waters, but more than I could count I found myself smiling or smirking, laughing at the little things these characters did. They made me feel for them, and soak in their characters like they were old friends. I empathized

I knew this story wasn't real life, it was made up, and that I shouldn't hope in these cliché fairytales. Yet, when the tears began to fall I realized why people are so engrossed in movies, of any kind.  They make you feel things, its like a rush. I think emotions drive people whether we like it or not we cannot deny them; they're innately made.  Movies make us experience all those complex emotions without the baggage per say.  The fear of the jump without the fall, the tears of sadness without experiencing any grief, the hostile anger towards the antagonist without having to actually confront or hurt anyone.

we love the movies because we love the story, the characters and we love the characters because we tie ourselves to them, and their emotions

we feel for them and we, as humans, are built to feel

okay so that is my last thought for the night...sorry for the spam
I mean there is no one to apologize to anywho since I'm the only one who reads this now *laughing and crying face*
Much Love