Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Discovering "down time"

So where am I at this moment? On my couch, in my living room, where I have been more-or-less forcibly sitting for the past.  three.  days.  If anyone knows me, they probably be surprised that I haven't gone complete bonkers yet, or even just at the mere fact I've been able to to do NOTHING for so long.  I have to keep busy: hanging out with friends mostly, running, shopping, going to the beach, going to concerts, movie nights, staying up late yada yada.

So why am I sitting here? I'm unfortunately sick, and while I feel like I'm wasting away precious summer days-ugh-my mom seemed quite amused at my sniffles.  When I told her I have a fever she laughed and had nothing else to say but, "I wonder why". Its true, once school got out I barely spent any time at home, went to 4 concerts in a span of 8 days, a 2-night sleepover, and got maybe about 4-5 hours of sleep a night.  No regrets right?, "You'll remember the nights you spent out, not in" , and all those other cliché sayings that make us believe that as a teen, staying home on a weekend night may be worse than getting grounded, at which then you have a solid reason why you have to stay home.  Being sick is not just a viable reason because really, if you have a fever and can't breathe...there is not much more you could possibly do but sit and rest.

My mom says me getting sick is some weird sort of karma: to teach me a lesson to take some "down time" for myself sometimes. She even suggested I write about it on here to gain some insight...well, here I am and yet still...nothing. I mean I understand how she thinks I should sit back and recompose, but the more I think about me sitting here, the more frustrated I get. >:/

If anything more inspiring comes my way I'll be sure to let you know
sorry to be such a downer on the second day! When I get better I'll have more lightly things to say :)

Much Love -Maddi