Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Here's to the Beginning...

Hi, world--or whoever is reading this (probably at this moment includes maybe +1, that 1 being my mother) lol. Starting a new blog is a lot more difficult than it seems! I think I've spent at least a good 12 hours on this so far, and still have not even figured out the basics to creating the page itself!  To be honest I did not want to even start writing before my page was fully established, but I was too excited to start writing, and afraid my thoughts would slowly melt away if I did not put them somewhere (also, it makes it a little easier to edit the template and layout..hehe)

Blogging is always something I have wanted to do.  I feel like writing is one of the best outlets for me, hence the title "The Outlet Unplugged", and hope to be able to release any of my thoughts out on to this website, sort of as one would in a journal: without holding anything back, completely raw, and completely me.  You may ask: Well who would be interested in the thoughts of a teenage girl? ...and to be completely honest, I'm not sure! BUT, again this is an outlet to freely express thoughts, dreams, insights, adventures, daily life, etc. and I'm hoping that this blog will spark some sort of interest somewhere, somehow, to some people.  Now who is me-Maddi? Maybe I should describe a little more about myself, that way give a little more insight to not just my personality, but what this blog will be about, and the things I want to share!

I am an adolescent girl made in California, and is in LOVE with everything about this state-cannot deny my biased opinion.  I feel like there is some type of personality that is adapted from place you live, and not saying that one place is better than the other, but I find it interesting the different attitudes people assume because of mere habit.  I mean, one person in Missouri obviously would not expect to be able to walk around aimlessly in a bikini during January as some Floridians do (I have family in both of those states, not just made up).  Anyways, being an unashamedly bred Cali-girl, I go on the typical excursions any Californian would, so I hope to write about those and give some tips and tricks to all there is to do in this wonderful state!

And though California bred, I am not American in blood.  Full asian: Chinese-Indonesian, with just a little, but not enough to count significant, Dutch.  I'm a banana, a Twinkie, or whatever you want to call it, born of two immigrant parents.  My extended family is spread out all over the world, but many of them have come to live in California as well.  Believe it or not, there is a large Chinese-Indonesian group that has resided in California specifically for many years, and because of that, I have been deeply immersed in this culture all my life.

Experiencing a multiple cultured life, I find discovering new cultures and new places extremely interesting and worthwhile; my parents have taught me to have an open mind, and because of that we love to travel.  I would love to dip a little into the places I've been to in the past!  I love to try new things, and keep and open mind..so I have a tendency to become infatuated with whatever the new flavor is of the month, or week, or day so you'll probably encounter a couple (or an armful) of random rants about my new favorite things. :)

Hobbies: besides writing and what already listed, I am a full-on student (who is currently fully enjoying her summer break), a runner, and a concert-junkie.  Stupidly call myself a wannabe groupie sometimes lol, although probably a more appropriate term would be a fangirl for like 100+ artists.

I hope to not sound boast-y or self indulgent, but merely just listing parts about my life that I would love to share on this blog.  I actually thought about deleting this whole thing, and just leaving it as "Hello, world", but then I remembered this is The Outlet Unplugged.

wow that was a chunk full. *breathes deeply*
soo Here's to the Beginning!

Much Love


p.s. today marks the first day of blogging! anything written with date prior to June 10, 2014, will have been written in past tense since well..it's the past!