Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day ! Ethiopian Style

Since it's Father's Day, I'd like to take a moment to introduce my dad, good ol' Howard :)

St. Mark's Square, Venice 2011
In this picture we are literally being mobbed by birds after little sister's great idea to go feed them, and while me and her are going for 'duck-and-cover' (I'm in the blue, sister in purple), my dad's yelling at my mom with the camera and posing to capture the moment. It pretty much sums up his personality: exuberant, 'hang loose', happy-go-lucky kind of person. :)

So my family likes to try new things I get that, but today we went wayyy out of our normal zone for Father's Day.  Instead of the usual asian restaurant (and no I don't mean P.F. Changs or Panda Express), someone decided we should try Ethiopian.  So we did

I've tried lots of different kinds of foods, but this was something you definitely don't come across very often.

It's located in a tucked away spot in Anaheim, really easy to miss...definitely could be classified a hole-in-the-wall.  From what I understood, it seemed a person would not just casually go in unless they were familiar with authentic Ethiopian food.  I'm not saying that to stop anyone from going! Just describing the very 'at home' feel--when I walked in I thought I was hanging out in someones' kitchen.

So here comes a group of 20 asians sauntering in lol. A sweet lady, who I assumed was the owner, kindly showed us the works of her homemade buffet.

doesn't look too appealing right? But we gave it a go

How it works: you're not suppose to use utensils at all, although she supplied us with some at request.

you take those 'bread' rolls ^^ and place the various dishes on top, so that the bread kind of scoops it up. like this

and although it looks like a bunch of baby food, I'll admit the brown one kind of looks like ****..but ridding of was actually really good! It was kind of a cross between Indian curry and Indonesian curry. If you don't know those types of food either, well, just got to keep an open mind. 

The one thing that was strange was the bread: a spongy texture and slightly sour taste, not something you would eat by itself.  But put together with the curry the flavors complimented themselves.

This was a great experience, but I don't know if I would come back for a meal...rather stick with my noodles haha.  But if you ever have a twitch to try something wayyyy different, and have a tolerance for all different tpes of food check it out sometime!

That's all for now
Much love